What to look for when buying a Stud Finder

When looking for the best stud finder, first you must determine the conditions and environment you are working in. All stud finders require a bit of training to understand the

10 Best Stud Finders

  Stud Finders Stud Finder Popularity Price Materials Detected Features CH Hanson 03040 Stud 4 Sure Magnetic Stud Finer $12.26 Metal studs compact – fits in pocket, powerful magnets allow

South Carolina Gator Hunts

You can hunt Gators in South Carolina during the day or at night. Gators are more active at night but 10′ plus gators have been taking during the day light

Autumn’s interior design trends

So it seems that the interior design trends for this autumn mix earthy, neutral tones with warm, rich tones and apparently the must-have color of the season is yellow! That’s

Cleaning Leather Sofas

If you have spilt some liquid on the leather sofa it is best to try and wipe this off straight away with a damp cloth. If your sofa has stains

Collectable Bears – what to look for when buying collectable bears for your home

Many children and adults enjoy collections, and indeed some collectable items can become very valuable if looked after properly. When decorating a childs room, teddy bears can make a lovely