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If you have spilt some liquid on the leather sofa it is best to try and wipe this off straight away with a damp cloth. If your sofa has stains on it you should try to clean it using saddle soap. Lather the soap up very well and rub the lather into the stains using a damp cloth.


Let this dry and when dry buff the sofa with a dry cloth.

With a leather sofa you should also consider treating it at least once a year with a mix of 1 cup of boiled linseed oil and half a cup of white vinegar. Mix this very well together and then apply to the sofa sparingly using a damp cloth. When the sofa has dried buff it with a dry cloth. Your sofa should now be gleaming and looking as good as new again.

Leather is very expensive so you should look after it. By using the above method you should get many happy years out of your leather furniture. Treat it well and it will last you for years looking as good as new! Also be aware that heat is NOT good for leather furniture so do not place it in direct sunlight or near radiators.

Quick tip! Baby wipes for leather sofas

I find that the best way to clean a leather sofa is by using baby wipes. Baby wipes are gentle on the leather. Whilst you rub your leather sofa the baby wipes leave white soap like marks though these disappear in minutes leaving the sofa shiny and clean.

There are special leather sofa wipes you can purchase but I have to say that the baby wipes always do a very good job of cleaning my sofa and are much better. Try it.

Sofa so good

So you’re thinking about buying a sofa and you’re worried that if you get a fabric sofa your little rascals will ruin it? Well perhaps there’s no need to be so worried. Fabric sofas are becoming increasingly versatile so there’s really no reason to be worried. A lot of sofas now have machine washable covers that one can simply remove, throw in the wash, then zip back on, sounds somewhat like getting dressed. Also if you fancy a particular sofa that you can’t remove the covers from theres always todays selection of great household cleaners.

On the other side of things, fabrics can deteriorate from repeated washing or just general use, a lot more so than an alternative material. So if the condition of yours sofa means a lot to you then it might be worth splashing out a little bit ,more for a different sofa.

Less work with leather sofa

We bought a leather sofa about three years ago, and apart from an occasional wipe with a damp cloth, it’s just sat in the corner looking better and better.

We bought a leather cleaning kit when we bought the sofa, but it just seems like too much bother when there doesn’t really seem to be a need to use it. Why make work for yourself?

I think a lot depends on the type of leather you have – we were advised in the shop not to go for anoline leather, as although it looks fantastic, it doen’t really stand up to the rough and tumble of children and pets.
Ours is coated leather, and we’ve never regretted buying it for a minute.

Good Hide Food Works

Treated carefully, leather sofas are a great investment. I should know – mine belonged to my great grandparents!
They do need more than their fair share of T.L.C., though. Leather’s an organic, natural material and needs to be treated properly to maintain its characteristic texture and good looks.

A good hide food can work wonders. I use one from a specialist local leather shop, and a 500ml tub lasts at least a year. It goes on with a duster, looking like a thick layer of white wax, quite horrid, really, and I leave the gunge on overnight to do its stuff.

The next morning, I add to the grease with some elbow grease of my own, and the difference is dramatic. The leather becomes supple and glossy all over again.

The cream’s pretty good at removing marks, too, and thanks to its paraffin base, it’ll remove even ballpoint pen.
That said, how it would fare against dark marks on white leather would be another matter – perhaps the moral of the tale is not to have a pale sofa if you have kids, dogs – or pens?!

White leather sofa marks

This asks two questions;
Firstly, the best way to get marks off a white leather sofa is by using specially formulated products that are specifically designed for removing marks. Slightly smaller marks can be removed by using a bit of alcohol combined with gentle rubbing.

The key, even with special products, is to be gentle. With white leather, the big problem is that some fluids or stains if not dealt with quickly can lead to permanent staining. So make sure you get to the marks ASAP.
Secondly, leather sofas should be cleaned at least twice (preferably more) a year and also know how to get rid of german cockroaches. This is to maintain the colour, and quality. This should also, as mentioned previously, be done with special formulated products in order to not damage the leather. This, if done frequently, will keep the leather sofa in its original state and make it look as if it was new.

Formulated products can be purchased via relevant shops on the high-street or online. They are a must for those who own a leather sofa.

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