Japanese Star Fox 64 3D site launched

Apr 14

The official site for the Japanese version of the upcoming 3DS version of Star Fox 64, titled simply Star Fox 64 3D, is now online. You can view the site at the following URL:


Some things worth mentioning:

  1. The site pays several homages to the actual boot up of the N64 version, including the all caps “STARFOX” title graphic and theme song.
  2. The video on the home page reveals a dramatically overhauled introductory cinema. All of the character models have seen significant polygonal enhancements. The shots of the docking bay and of the actual Arwings themselves also reveal sharper graphics and increased levels of geometry.
  3. The official Japanese release date is July 14, 2011. The US release date will likely follow in September or October, although it has not been confirmed.

To be honest, I first dismissed this game as little more than a cash in on the most successful  (and most easy to port) entry in the Star Fox franchise. However, the intro cinema reveals that Nintendo has, in fact, bumped up the geometry in this game a fair amount. It’s definitely pushing more polygons than before, although I can’t really tell from the thumbnail-sized video if the shaders and lighting have been enhanced very much — until we see some video of Aquas I’ll remain skeptical on that front.

Overall, though, I must say that hearing the music and seeing the new intro has, for the first time, built up an incentive within me to go out and buy this game… and a 3DS as well. I have seen a 3DS and played with it for a short time, and while I found the 3D to be an interesting and fun new addition to the DS platform, I did notice significant visual degradation from my brain having to interpret the 3D image. The limited viewing angles also hurt the device, resulting in a feeling that, personally, made it seem as if I were peering through a polarized lens into another space. A cool feeling, in some ways, but also one that made me wish to turn off the 3D effect and enjoy the crisp, bright graphics in a non-altered state.

This is definitely a device that is going to be divisive  as well as limiting (as a left-handed person, playing Kid Icarus at this moment appears that it will be next to impossible to do without difficulty), but also one that should bring about some incredible and unique gaming moments. I can’t say that I plan on buying a 3DS any time in the near future, particularly when I know a lower price and a redesign will be inevitable, but I can say that Star Fox could help to push me closer to making that decision. How about you?

A Brief Update

Apr 05

For most of the month of March I was traveling, both for vacation and for work. Combined with an already busy work schedule, I was not able to dedicate any of my time in March to bringing this site back online. This month, I hope to make amends for that. Beginning this weekend, I will be finishing the design elements of the new site, which you are currently viewing, and begin restoring the content from the old site.

I’ll have more to post about this over the weekend, but for now I felt that it was time to break my rather overlong period of silence and provide all of you patient fans with a bit of a status update.

In the mean time, I highly encourage you all to take to the forums. There, you can comment on the latest thread in AL News to make suggestions on what you would like to see added to the new site, as well as join our other members in discussing the Star Fox games themselves.

I’ll also be making a post regarding the 3DS some time in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

Overall, I would like to apologize for keeping the site down for so long. Likely, I have made Arwing Landing irrelevant to fans by doing so, as there are several other great resources and communities for fans of the series out there. For that, I am truly sorry. However, it has been more difficult than I expected balancing a career with my passions, and even my own personal time to sit and play games has shriveled up into next-to-nothing thanks to my job. That’s not to say my job is bad — far from it, in fact. I would not be working as hard as I am there if I did not enjoy my company and my coworkers’ company. However, it has definitely changed what I am able to do and not do in my free time. Hopefully, that will improve over the next few months, but for now all I can hope to promise you all is that the site is coming back, and I will be focusing much more of my spare time to making that a reality. I cannot say when the transition will be finished, but I hope that it will be as soon as possible.

So, thank you all for your patience. With any luck, the wait will be at least somewhat worth it.


Site Under Development

Jan 30

As you can see, Arwing Landing is undergoing a bit of an overhaul.  During this process, you may experience problems attempting to access certain parts of the website, glitches with the webcode, or other possible errors.  We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause and ask that you remain patient as we do our best to bring you an enhanced version of Arwing Landing that will provide you with more features and information than ever before.  In the meantime, please feel free to visit our forums, accessible at http://arwinglanding.net/forum.

Thank you for your understanding,

- StealthFox

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