South Carolina Gator Hunts

South Carolina Gator Hunts

You can hunt Gators in South Carolina during the day or at night. Gators are more active at night but 10′ plus gators have been taking during the day light hours as well. The style of hunting is similar but there are a few differences.
For Gator Hunts in South Carolina you have your choice of weaponry. You are allowed to use a bowfishing bow or cross bow. You can also use a harpoon, snare or weighted trouble hook attached to a strong fishing rod, think ocean fishing. Let me tell you, even a 5ft gator will put up a hell of a fight on a rod and real.

During the day it is best to glass for a gator then make you approach towards him.

While being as quite as possible keep trying to close the gap until a shot can be made. If the gator goes down watch for a trail of bubbles telling you the direction he went. This is a good time to try to snag him on the bottom if you can cast a hook over the trail of bubbles. If the gator didn’t move try looking for him to be sitting on the bottom. You can also try to snag him.
The most common way to find a gator at night is to scan the banks with a spotlight and look for the red glowing eyes. That’s a dead giveaway of a gator. While keeping the light on the gator slowly sneak up on him using the trolling motor. Everyone needs to be quite on the boat. Even the slightest noise can scare a big gator making him go down. Continue to creep upon the gator till he is in range to take a shot.

It is a good idea to get more than one line in the gator. Multiple lines will help you pull him up and you will always have a line in him if one pulls out. Now that you have more than one line in the gator start to work him up next to the boat. Be patient and wear him out like a fish. Just don’t let him rest. This could take a couple hours. Once you get him up next to the boat you can now dispatch the gator. We use a handgun, but bang-sticks work to. Or you can use a knife to severe the spinal cord.

Now the hard part, getting the gator in the boat. First make sure to tape the gators mouth shut. Use lots of tape here. I like to fold his legs over his back and tape them too. If you shot a trophy gator start with getting his head in the boat. Now grab a leg and try rolling him. Just make sure the gator is dead. 

Interior Design

Autumn’s interior design trends

Autumn’s interior design trends

So it seems that the interior design trends for this autumn mix earthy, neutral tones with warm, rich tones and apparently the must have colour of the season is yellow!

That’s right you read correctly, YELLOW.

It seems that by adding a hint of yellow of your home interior brings the same feeling of warmth that we get from sun. The minimalist look is no longer to be aspired to; instead the idea is to create a homely ambience, a sense of warmth and an earth like feel. Fear not though, although some may think that the minimalist look, with plain white walls and limited furniture, is much easier to achieve but this trend is just as easy to achieve. Your home doesn’t need to be radically transformed; rather a few simple touches can totally change the look and feel of your home.

To let the sunshine in add a hint of colour to your bare walls by painting them a warm shade of yellow and balance this with the earthy feel of wooden furniture. But if painting your walls yellow seems a bit too much or if yellow just makes you feel a bit apprehensive they are plenty of other options which will still mean you are bang on trend this autumn. You may want to consider opting for walls which reflect the earth feel of this trend and use furniture to add the feeling of sunshine warmth. Alternatively try using accessories such as using yellow cushions in the living room or try adding a yellow throw to the sofa to achieve the look without too much effort.
Red is another on trend colour this season and although not quite as dramatic as yellow can still provide that warm feeling that is often craved when the cold weather begins to draw in. There are plenty of red textiles and accessories out there, making this trend extremely easy to achieve. Green is also a good option as if the right shade and tone is selected it can add not only the hint of warmth but also the earth feel. A green sofa or armchair with a faux fur throw would be ideal for this trend.With some options available all you need to decide which is best for you! 

Home Furniture

Cleaning Leather Sofas

Cleaning Leather Sofas

If you have spilt some liquid on the leather sofa it is best to try and wipe this off straight away with a damp cloth. If your sofa has stains on it you should try to clean it using saddle soap. Lather the soap up very well and rub the lather into the stains using a damp cloth.


Let this dry and when dry buff the sofa with a dry cloth.

With a leather sofa you should also consider treating it at least once a year with a mix of 1 cup of boiled linseed oil and half a cup of white vinegar. Mix this very well together and then apply to the sofa sparingly using a damp cloth. When the sofa has dried buff it with a dry cloth. Your sofa should now be gleaming and looking as good as new again.

Leather is very expensive so you should look after it. By using the above method you should get many happy years out of your leather furniture. Treat it well and it will last you for years looking as good as new! Also be aware that heat is NOT good for leather furniture so do not place it in direct sunlight or near radiators.

Quick tip! Baby wipes for leather sofas

I find that the best way to clean a leather sofa is by using baby wipes. Baby wipes are gentle on the leather. Whilst you rub your leather sofa the baby wipes leave white soap like marks though these disappear in minutes leaving the sofa shiny and clean.

There are special leather sofa wipes you can purchase but I have to say that the baby wipes always do a very good job of cleaning my sofa and are much better. Try it.

Sofa so good

So you’re thinking about buying a sofa and you’re worried that if you get a fabric sofa your little rascals will ruin it? Well perhaps there’s no need to be so worried. Fabric sofas are becoming increasingly versatile so there’s really no reason to be worried. A lot of sofas now have machine washable covers that one can simply remove, throw in the wash, then zip back on, sounds somewhat like getting dressed. Also if you fancy a particular sofa that you can’t remove the covers from theres always todays selection of great household cleaners.

On the other side of things, fabrics can deteriorate from repeated washing or just general use, a lot more so than an alternative material. So if the condition of yours sofa means a lot to you then it might be worth splashing out a little bit ,more for a different sofa.

Less work with leather sofa

We bought a leather sofa about three years ago, and apart from an occasional wipe with a damp cloth, it’s just sat in the corner looking better and better.

We bought a leather cleaning kit when we bought the sofa, but it just seems like too much bother when there doesn’t really seem to be a need to use it. Why make work for yourself?

I think a lot depends on the type of leather you have – we were advised in the shop not to go for anoline leather, as although it looks fantastic, it doen’t really stand up to the rough and tumble of children and pets.
Ours is coated leather, and we’ve never regretted buying it for a minute.

Good Hide Food Works

Treated carefully, leather sofas are a great investment. I should know – mine belonged to my great grandparents!
They do need more than their fair share of T.L.C., though. Leather’s an organic, natural material and needs to be treated properly to maintain its characteristic texture and good looks.

A good hide food can work wonders. I use one from a specialist local leather shop, and a 500ml tub lasts at least a year. It goes on with a duster, looking like a thick layer of white wax, quite horrid, really, and I leave the gunge on overnight to do its stuff.

The next morning, I add to the grease with some elbow grease of my own, and the difference is dramatic. The leather becomes supple and glossy all over again.

The cream’s pretty good at removing marks, too, and thanks to its paraffin base, it’ll remove even ballpoint pen.
That said, how it would fare against dark marks on white leather would be another matter – perhaps the moral of the tale is not to have a pale sofa if you have kids, dogs – or pens?!

White leather sofa marks

This asks two questions;
Firstly, the best way to get marks off a white leather sofa is by using specially formulated products that are specifically designed for removing marks. Slightly smaller marks can be removed by using a bit of alcohol combined with gentle rubbing.

The key, even with special products, is to be gentle. With white leather, the big problem is that some fluids or stains if not dealt with quickly can lead to permanent staining. So make sure you get to the marks ASAP.
Secondly, leather sofas should be cleaned at least twice (preferably more) a year. This is to maintain the colour, and quality. This should also, as mentioned previously, be done with special formulated products in order to not damage the leather. This, if done frequently, will keep the leather sofa in its original state and make it look as if it was new.

Formulated products can be purchased via relevant shops on the high-street or online. They are a must for those who own a leather sofa. 

Home Decor

Collectable Bears – what to look for when buying collectable bears for your home

Collectable Bears – what to look for when buying collectable bears for your home

Many children and adults enjoy collections, and indeed some collectable items can become very valuable if looked after properly. When decorating a childs room, teddy bears can make a lovely feature across a wall on a floating shelf.


One of the more popular items is collectable bears. There are so many brands available nowadays including traditional bears like Steiff or more modern ones such as Tatty Teddy, Merrythought, Forever Friends and Beanie Babies. There are many places to buy collectable bears such as physical auctions, eBay, car boot sales, local papers and even specialist dealers.

With such an abundance of places to buy from and with prices sometimes being very high, it’s important to be sure you are buying the genuine article, and that you’re paying a reasonable price for the quality of the item. You’ll also likely want to know, if what you’re buying is a modern bear, that it will be collectable or valuable in the future.


If a bear is limited edition, it will usually become collectible in the future. Many limited edition bears even have the number stamped on the label. When buying modern bears, make sure you choose one with a fully intact and uncreased label. It is essential that you keep the label attached if you want to retain the bear’s full value in the future and you can buy or make plastic tag protectors which ensure it stays intact.

Buying vintage bears is more difficult, and serious collectors are advised to do their research before spending money.

For example there are books and internet sites with pictures so you can know how to recognise genuine Steiff buttons and materials. Fake bears are increasingly abundant and are usually made of inferior materials, it is worth taking the time to learn to identify and avoid them. Learning to recognise genuine vintage bears is also a great way to spot bargains at car boot sales.